Badass nicknames for boyfriends

In alphabetical order:

  • ace (lowercase ace)
  • Apollo (it works, don’t stutter)
  • Appleseed
  • Ash
  • Bowser
  • Buzzard
  • Chomp (Noam Chomsky reference)
  • Cronk
  • Dicktopia
  • Dirty D (or B, G, P, V, Z)
  • Dr. Crimp (for rock climbers)
  • Dr. Cromp (everyone else)
  • Fifth (pronounced “Fith”) (folk music + whiskey combo!) (+10 skill points!!)
  • Fival
  • Hatchet
  • Hollow Roger
  • Ink
  • Insta-Graham (if his name is Graham)
  • Jack
  • Jag
  • Juggle
  • Jum
  • Mild Sauce
  • Mittenmoop (to only be used once)
  • Moscow
  • Naked Lunch (now I just want you guys to think I’m smart)
  • No-No (another Noam Chomsky reference)
  • Nyx-Nax (not a Noam Chomsky reference)
  • outdoorsy_dude16 (if you met on OKCupid)
  • The Prof (if he’s your art history professor)
  • Rawley
  • Rolly
  • Role-y (this one’s a fat joke)
  • Role-y (this one’s a thespian joke)
  • Roll-y (this one’s a smoke joke)
  • Rynkles
  • Salt Machine (courtesy of my friend Evander)
  • Schmooble-stein (see Mittenmoop)
  • Sex Disease
  • Sex Potato (for TV-watching boyfriends)
  • Sex Tonic
  • Sex Valve (these all sound like band names)
  • Sharm
  • Shram
  • Sizz
  • SustainaBilly
  • Tufty
  • Weeble
  • Whizzle
  • Wozzle
  • I’m obviously not sober anymore
  • Yellow Fever


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